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Hey! My name is Lilia. I live and work in Japan. I am in charge of international exchanges and tourism, I contribute to projects dedicated to the development of bilateral relations between Russia and Japan. Also I provide support to everyone who wants to learn Japanese and come to Japan ! Therefore, if your dream is to find out what Japan is, to get to know japanese culture better, then you can ask me a question and I will try to help your dream become true!

Places to go in Nagato

Motonosumi Shrine

Motonosumi Shrine was selected by CNN Travel as one of the “31 Most Beautiful Places in Japan.” The shrine’s remarkable location makes for a striking contrast between the red of its gates and the cobalt blue of the waves below.
This shrine was built to honor a white fox spirit, to whom visitors prayed for financial success, success in fishing, and safety on the seas. Nowadays, a wide variety of wishes are fielded by the fox god, including good fortune & wealth, childbearing, marriage, traffic safety, success in school.

Constructed over a period of ten years beginning in 1987, a tunnel of 123 torii gates wind down the bluff face towards the Sea of Japan.

In June 2016, TripAdvisor released a list of its user’s “Top 30 Shrines & Temples I’m Glad to Have Visited.” Motonosumi Inari shrine appeared at number 11 on this list of shrines and temples from around Japan.

Tainei-ji Temple

The final resting place of warlord Yoshitaka Ouichi, who brought reknown to Yamaguchi during the Muromachi Period (1333-1573)

The temple grounds are broad, and include a main hall that was reconstructed during the Edo Period (1600-1868), though the main gate still retains its original cornerstone. There are also a number of legends surrounding the temple, including one that tells of Yoshitaka Ouchi, a daimyo military commander, catching sight of his reflection in a nearby pond, and sensing from its reflection that his end was close.
Nagato Yumoto Onsen is a part of the area historically controlled by Tainei-ji Temple, said to have been bequeathed from a god. Together they share a history of approximately 600 years.

Cultural experiences in Nagato

Kabuki experience

Be on the stage and learn about Kabuki in costume!

Using an equipment used in a theatre for raising actors to the stage, you’ll be coming up like a Kabuki actor/actress!  

Yumoto onsen

Kimono experience

While staying in a historic hot spring resort, you can enjoy dressing, tea ceremony, and Kabuki experience while walking around the town. This is a 2-minute short movie introduces the cultural experiences that you can enjoy in Nagato City!



“Omijima Island Cycling Tour” is a special cycling tour with a guide based on local perspective to visit culture and history taking root in Senzaki district. It’s not just visiting tourist spots but going around local secret places and listnenig the stories that make you feel the special atmosphere of this city. 

While riding the bike you will enjoy the view of the see and even find places that are similar to Russia!!!

During a lunch near to the sea, you will have time to talk with Lilia and will get to know more about Russian culture and Sochi city.

“Let’s enjoy Nagato together!”

© Lilia

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